An Afternoon at the Kent Green Hop Festival

Well it was off the train at Canterbury East station and straight into Dane John Gardens to be greeted by a small village of arts, crafts and food stalls. Stood and watched a woodcarver and a blacksmith for a while then had a wander around the food stalls and there were plenty of them. Many were farm shops selling produce from the farm, plenty of cheese makers, vineyards, and many were classed as street food traders selling everything from curries and tex-mex to German sausages and Russian specialities but I was here for the beer  so it was off to the beer tent.

There were thirty three beers on tap so where to begin. Normally it’s start on the left and work over to the right but even by only drinking halves that works out  to sixteen and a half pints (probably a bit much for a lunch time session).Therefore, a degree of selectivity was called for. So here are the beers I tried, nothing over 4%

Spencers – Green Hop Gold 3.9%

A dark golden colour with a hoppy, very slight citrus taste, easy drinking.

Swan on the Green – First Gold Bitter 3.6%

A mid-gold colour, slight flowery smell and citrus taste.

Swan on the Green – Goldings Mild 4%

Light brown in colour with a creamy bubbly head. Distinct difference in taste from the first two, a malty chocolaty taste.

Westerham – Scotney 4%

A mid gold coloured best bitter. Has a fresh, zingy citrus taste, very drinkable indeed.

Canterbury Ales – Early Bird Pale 3.6%

Pale gold colour, light and hoppy.

Hop Fuzz – Garden of England  3.7%

Light brown in colour with no head but a fresh and fruity taste (did have an after taste reminiscent of a Nelson Brewery beer). Made with all green hops, no dried hops used at all.


About Mick Gall

Hello, my name is Mick Gall and I hail from Teynham in sunny Kent. I love gardening and ale so I thought I'd try this blogging m'larky. One blog is about all the great ales,ciders,pubs and brewers we have in Kent and Sussex the other is about gardening and wildlife, plus some folklore thrown in.
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