Guided by Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer

Well I’ve been on me hols to sunny Spain and such larks and frolics me and my beloved had on our 25th wedding anniversary but that’s a different story.

I’m afraid I abused the old liver and kidneys a bit. They’re normally pickled in ale but for two glorious weeks they were drowned in euro-fizz, notably San Miguel and Estella and I was nearly a convert to larger, (I know! I share your horror).

Here’s how it happened. I decided to pay a visit to the Roman ruins in Tarragona. Of course being a true Englishman I couldn’t go in the morning or evening when it was nice and cool, good God Noooo, that would be too sensible and too lady-boyish, it had to be after breakfast and in the heat of the midday sun.

Well the nice air-conditioned bus stopped at the bus station and as I neared the exit I got a similar sensation to the one you get  as  you open the oven door to check on your pizza, a serious blast of hot air. Feck me it was hot, but I was on me holidays and you have to expect that sort of thing in Johnnie Foreigner land, so it was upwards and onwards .

Naturally the ruins just had to be at the top of a hill, so I was a bit sweaty by the time I got to the entrance. Never mind I was in the footsteps of Hannibal and the Punic wars.  At first it was an awfully big adventure but by the time I was half-way around, I really didn’t give a flying f**k which emperor had killed who, I just wanted a beer : only  I dare not stop in case I dissolved into a puddle of sweat.

Disorientated by now, I wandered out of the ruins into the alleys of the old town -which were very nice but a bit deficient in bars. I did come across a few restaurants and maybe it was delirium that made me mumble ‘Your having a f**king laugh, do I look like a tourist’ as I checked their prices and staggered on.

Despairing by now of finding the bus station and lost in a maze of alleys, I turned a corner and there it was: Nirvana, a little cafe next to a Roman gatehouse in the town wall. Then I had a sign from on high that this was the place I must visit: a sunbeam was shining through a gap in the buildings and lighting up the entrance in an ethereal way-surely Ninkasi the Goddess of Beer was guiding me,(and perhaps Bacchus the Roman god of wine).

Well not being one to offend the gods I wandered over and plonked myself down at a table.

“Hola” as if by magic the waiter appeared.

 “Una cerveza por favor “ I said, (probably the most important phrase in the Spanish language that).

After a few moments it arrived, the golden liquid, lovely and cold, in an iced glass and with a free bowl of peanuts, truly a sumptuous feast. Well the first one didn’t touch the sides, the second one almost and the third one I actually tasted, lovely it was too, and here’s a pic.



About Mick Gall

Hello, my name is Mick Gall and I hail from Teynham in sunny Kent. I love gardening and ale so I thought I'd try this blogging m'larky. One blog is about all the great ales,ciders,pubs and brewers we have in Kent and Sussex the other is about gardening and wildlife, plus some folklore thrown in.
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