A Quick Reminder ‘Kent Green Hop Festival 26th Sept – 12th Oct 2014’

Well it’s that time of year again, the Kent Green Hop Festival is on once more from 26th Sept to the 12th Oct. Twenty-five of Kent’s breweries will be taking part. The Celebration starts at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival on  Fri 26th Sept through to Sun 28th, (held in Dane John Gardens, close to Canterbury East train station) where almost all the beers available over the fortnight will be in one place for you to sample, then it’ll be down your local and badger the landlord to get some in.

Beer List (provisional)

*EKG = East Kent Goldings. *WGV = Whitbread Golding Variety.

Beers marked** are unlikely to be on the green hop bar at Canterbury F & D Fest – although they will be available in pubs.

Canterbury Ales

Pale Green (5.3%)Pale ale hopped with EKG*. Dry and very pale.

Auburn Green (4.3%) Best bitter hopped with EKG. Full bodied… awaiting further tasting notes.

Canterbury Brewers/The Foundry

Simply Saison (4.5%) Saison hopped with EKG. Robust, hoppy beer with earthy sweetness and toffied-banana from the Belgian Saison yeast.

Le Petit Belge (4.4%) Belgian pale hopped with EKG. Light pale ale brewed with Belgian yeast to deliver a greater range of hop flavours and a deep, complex beer.

Single Hopped Pale Ale (3.6%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Simple, clean and crisp pale ale allowing just our magnificent, local East Kent Goldings to really shine.

Harvest Night (5.6%) Black IPA hopped with EKG and Challenger. As black as the moonlit Kentish night before these precious Kentish hops were harvested.

Caveman Brewery

Bakers Hole Mild (3.5%) Mild hopped with Challenger. Roast malt backbone, big fresh hop hit and refreshing bitterness with a herby/cedar aroma and hint of fruit.

Hunter Gatherer (3.5%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Includes oats for added mouthfeel and bags and bags of fresh hops.

Barnfield Red (4.4%) Red ale hopped with Challenger. Plenty of caramel in the malt body balanced by fruity hops.

Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery

Gadds’ Green Hop Ale (4.8%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Pale, crisp, zesty and bitter.

Goachers Brewery

Green Hop Silver Star (4.2%) Pale ale hopped with Challenger . Crisp, clean palate with a light, satisfying dry finish and variations from the green hops.

Green Hop Silver Star (4.2%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Crisp, clean palate with a light, satisfying dry finish and variations from the green hops.

Goody Ales

Genesis Green Hop (3.5%) Ruby ale hopped with tbc. Lots of flavour for its low ABV and an extra fresh, lasting, green hoppy finish.Goody Ales (cont’d)

Good Harvest (3.8%) Amber ale hopped with EKG. Clean tasting amber ale with a unique taste of autumn.

Goodness Gracious Me (4.8%) IPA hopped with tbc. Robust and citrus flavoured green hop India Pale Ale evoking the taste of an Indian summer.

Hop Fuzz Brewery

Red and Green (3.8%) Red ale hopped with Challenger. Sweet with a fresh hoppy tone.

Kent Brewery

Green Giant (6%) IPA hopped with EKG. A colossal amount of freshly harvested EKGs create a rare, complex IPA.

Larkins Brewery No details available at time of writing.

Mad Cat Brewery

EKG Green Hop RyePA (4%) Rye Pale Ale hopped with EKG. Fruity flavours balance dryness and complement earthiness, with a zesty green hop finish.

Autumn Sun (4.3%) Pale ale hopped with Challenger. Smooth bittering and a hoppy, fruity and spicy aroma.

Musket Brewery

Flash in the pan (4%) Golden Ale hopped with EKG and Fuggles. Floral, honey, spice and

blackcurrant with a pleasantly dry, lingering, after taste.

Old Dairy Brewery

Early Fuggle (4%) Pale ale/bitter hopped with Fuggles. Awaiting tasting notes.

**Challenger (4%) Pale ale/bitter hopped with Challenger. Awaiting tasting notes.

Pig & Porter

Purest Green (4.5%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Strong(ish) pale ale with resinous, grassy quality.

Strangely Brown (4.4%) Porter hopped with EKG. Fresh hops against a backdrop of roasted and flaked barley to give a traditional porter flavour.

Ripple Steam

**Green Hopped Classic IPA (4.5%) IPA hopped with Fuggles. Amber coloured beer with delicate, minty, grassy hop character and slightly floral aroma.

Shepherd Neame

Tallyman’s Special (4.5%) Best bitter hopped with Canterbury Whitebine. Made with rare hops from the National Hop Collection, this light-coloured best bitter has a dry finish.

Spencer’s Brewery No details available at time of writing.

Time and Tide Brewing

Green hop pale (5.1%) Pale Ale hopped with Challenger, Fuggles and Cascade. Clean, spicy and herbal with a green hop twist

Tonbridge Brewery

Capel Pale (4.5%) Pale ale hopped with Pilgrim. Light honey malts and zesty, citrus hop finish.

Wantsum Brewery

Bramling Cross (4%) Best bitter hopped with Bramling Cross. Increased hop resin creates a fruity blackcurrant overtone with a spicy yet floral background.

Fuggles (4.5%) Best bitter hopped with Fuggles. Lightly perfumed hop flavours, hints of citrus and very smooth on the palate.

Bullion (4.5%) Best bitter hopped with Bullion. Spicy, blackcurrant and floral flavours.

Westerham Brewery

Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale 1 (4.5%) Bitter hopped with Goldings. Delightful sweet, sappy flavour, balanced bitterness and malt flavours.

Scotney Green Hop Harvest Ale 2 (4.5%) Bitter hopped with WGV*.

Whitstable Brewery

Grafty Green Hop (4.8%) Pale ale hopped with EKG. Spices, sweet citrus and a wonderful floral aroma, an invigoratingly flavourful brew.


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Hello, my name is Mick Gall and I hail from Teynham in sunny Kent. I love gardening and ale so I thought I'd try this blogging m'larky. One blog is about all the great ales,ciders,pubs and brewers we have in Kent and Sussex the other is about gardening and wildlife, plus some folklore thrown in.
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