Houston We Have………..BUBBLES!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, sometime in the middle of the night the wee buggers arrived, UNDREDS of em. Think there must have been a mini mount Vesuvius style eruption in me air lock bubble thingy, liquid had been ejaculated all over the lid of the plastic bin (or fermentation vessel if you want to get techy) when I went into kitchen this morning.

Here’s some pics, if there’s such a thing as home brew porn this is surely it.

GEDC0017 GEDC0010 GEDC0003

Make’s me want to run out and become a West Ham supporter just so I can sing ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’. Happy Days.


About Mick Gall

Hello, my name is Mick Gall and I hail from Teynham in sunny Kent. I love gardening and ale so I thought I'd try this blogging m'larky. One blog is about all the great ales,ciders,pubs and brewers we have in Kent and Sussex the other is about gardening and wildlife, plus some folklore thrown in.
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