1st Potential Alcohol Test of Micky Moonbeams new brew

Well the bubbly thingy stopped it’s bubbling a few days ago so it could be me little yeasties have eaten all the sugar so it could be time to bottle it soon. First some tests with the hydrometer are need a couple of days apart, if the readings are the same then it’s ready.


This reading shows 1.060 (it’s not very clear in the pic) which is up from the original reading and means it could be could be 7% when its ready.


About Mick Gall

Hello, my name is Mick Gall and I hail from Teynham in sunny Kent. I love gardening and ale so I thought I'd try this blogging m'larky. One blog is about all the great ales,ciders,pubs and brewers we have in Kent and Sussex the other is about gardening and wildlife, plus some folklore thrown in.
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