‘Hello Daddy’

Life it’s a wonderful thing, or as Jimmy Stewart would say it’s a wonderful life

Now I’ve got some more of that accursed cider stuff on the go. Bunged all the stuff together in the plastic bucket thingy  on Sunday and since then nothing has happened. Well now, unknown to me all me little wee yeasties have been busy doing their thing, bless em.  I’m just to impatient to appreciate all the the hard work they do in getting their chemical reactions in gear. So ,since Sunday I’ve been sat by me fermentation vessel (plastic bucket thingy) willing them on to make me proud and finally after three days they did.

From out of nowhere; there came a noise, which to you non-brewing types reading this might have sounded like a burp or fart but to us brewer Johnnies it said,

‘Hello Daddy’.

Chin Chin Chaps.

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Another Cider Disaster

Quel Désastre! Or as they say in French ‘quel désastre’. Well another fizzy cider experiment ends in abject failure and for the last time too I might add. As long as cider gets you pis**d who gives a flying **** if it’s got bubbles, it ain’t champagne. So I’ll have one more go at a cider, cyder or even zyder, this time without the fizz. Although of course it is for the beloved so its got to be girly and this one is going to be a strawberry cider – not natural I know, it should only jus de pomme but hey ho.  Talking of things Frenchie and Johnnie Foreigner got some alcoholic grape juice on the go. Now I would post a pic but I can’t be arsed to walk down the garden to to the shed so here’s a pic of glass of wine I lifted from some else’s website.


Well chin, chin chaps

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Mickey Moonbeams Fizzy Cider

What Ho Chums!

decided to have another go at some cider, cyder,zyder or whatever you want to call it (but of course never, ever cidre, good god no).

Now after  the Euro Fizz, I’ve discovered the ancient mysteries of making bubbles, which of course we all know as  C6H12O6 + 2 ADP + 2 Pi + 2 NAD+ → 2 CH3COCOO + 2 ATP + 2 NADH + 2 H2O + 2 H+

and of course H2CO3 → H2O + CO2

here’s a link to some scientific stuff  all about if you can be arsed, The Maths and Science of Carbonation.

So it looks like the beloveds luck could be in, she’ll get her fizzy cider.

First things first, here’s a cider kit.


This contains the apple concentrate, to which 2.5l of water of boiling water needs to be added  in a fermentation vessel, aka a plastic bucket.


If only I could write in smell-o-vision or something, it smells very appley. Next 1kg of sugar needs to be added, I dissolved some in hot water to speed things up.

GEDC0052 GEDC0053

It doesn’t look very appetizing but hey-ho I’m drinking it not eating it (or rather the beloved is). Next cold water was added to bring the amount up to 23l.


A quick gravity reading was taken.


1.36 og, so this will be about 4.5% when finally barreled/bottled.

Next the yeast has to be added: when the temperature is between 18-24 degrees C.


20.3 degrees C, hmmm just right, as Goldilocks said when she thieved baby bears porridge.

Now this is the yeast that came with the kit.


As you can see lots of Johnny Foreigner writing on it and we’re not having any of that cidre m’larkey. Luckily I bought this yeast when I got the kit.


Looks a bit more British. Here’s a pic of me wee yeasties having a swim.


Then it’s on with the lid and wait for 5 to 8 days until fermentation stops.






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Mickey Moonbeams Fantastical Teynham Brewery’s Carbon Footprint

What-Ho Chums!

being the caring,sharing,tree-hugging,eco-friendly, nature loving brewery that we are, I thought you all might like to know our commitment to the environment.

So here’s our environmental statement.

1. We like trees.

2. We also like flowers,birds, bee’s and other types of nature stuff too .

3. Yeahhhha for the above.

Our carbon-footprint is minimal, 4 miles (ish) from suppliers to brewery.

Look here’s a map to prove it.

Carbon map



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A pic of the first pint of Euro-fizz


Well that’s got some fizz, think I might have over done the CO2 in the barrel.

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Euro-Fizz Ready to Quaff

What Ho!

Some of the Euro-Fizz bottled and ready to quaff.



or should that be  ¡Salud, Proost Prost and other such foreign phrases such as Hände Hoch Fritz.

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Mickey Moonbeams Euro Fizz Bottle Label/Pump Clip

What ho!

Been to the Fantastical Teynham Brewery’s art dept ( well, Will’s computer actually) and got the design for the label drawn. Here’s a pic.


Will be bottling/barreling/drinking soon.


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Micky Moonbeams ‘Euro Fizz’

What-ho Chums,

haven’t posted for a while, been busy Christmasing and digging allotments. More importantly I’ve been trying to brew some cider. The beloved Cheryl wanted some, so I obliged, but of course it was flat and she wanted fizzy. Well the first one was an abject failure (although it was dammed tasty) but hay-ho. So for the next one I tried various things such as champagne yeast and putting it through a soda stream,etc, none of which was satisfactory – although my  test subjects , chums who tried it, said it was nice .

Now you may remember  a while ago, I posted about almost having a ‘Conversion on the road to Damascus’ type thing on me hols, Guided by Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer . Which  gave me a taste for the forbidden fruit and during the summer I would sometimes have a sneaky lager, ( I know; drum me out of CAMRA).

But what does lager have? That’s right – FIZZ

So the next brew is going to be a lager, this one in fact:


Now as you can see, it’s a bit Johnny Foreigner,  Belgian in fact – anyone speak Hoogen Moogen? Or is that Dutch? Hey-ho never mind. Luckily most brews are the same, warm the malt, boil the water, add sugar and mix. Here’s the result;


Not the best pic – the steam kept misting up the lens.The malt was bit darker than I was expecting for a lager though.

Once the malt-sugar-water stuff had cooled, it was time too add the yeast. In the brews I’ve done before you just chuck it in (techy term) at the right temp. BUT: of course, being bloody European it was different. The yeast had to be started ( brought to life) before it was added to the malt and both the malt and yeast had to be at the correct temperature. Now I’ve a confession to make. I’ve done this sort of m’larkey before, when I had a go at wine making, and yes, I WAS THE TEYNHAM YEAST MURDERER.  I boiled me poor wee yeasties alive. I’ve since discovered it’s no good just just to dip a pinkie in the pot and think that’s cool enough, it really does have to be at the right temp – ahh science, it’s a wonderful thing.

So here’s a pic of me started yeast,



Of course the whole point of this is to make a fizzy . Now I’ve got a pressure barrel but of course, it has the wrong sort of top to it, not a pressure top at all. So I had to buy some more guff, here’s a pic


The barrel cap, some CO2 caps and a green thing. Here’s how it looks once assembled.


So chin up chaps, remember your British and I’ll keep ya posted on events.

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What- Ho Peeps

Never mind all this Dryathlon stuff, try #TRYANUARY


Oh yeah Happy New Year



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Huzzah and Hoorah

Well Huzzah and Hoorah, some of  Brew  No 2 is bottled up.

Now you may remember a little while ago I gave you a guided tour of the brewery, unfortunately I forgot to show you the bottling area, how very remiss, now I know you wouldn’t want to miss it, so here’s a pic.


As you can see no expense has been spared in providing all the latest hi-tech gadgetry and here’s the end result.



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